Florida MMJ Measure in Trouble?

The anti-medical marijuana campaign in Florida appears to be taking its toll on legalization efforts.

The latest SurveyUSA poll in Florida on the state’s MMJ ballot measure found that just 51% of voters favor the initiative, with 33% opposed and 15% uncertain. That marks the fourth consecutive weekly decline in support levels in the SurveyUSA poll. A month ago, 56% of those surveyed said they would vote for the measure.

Polls conducted by other groups have found varying levels of support, including one from July in which nearly 90% of respondents backed the measure.

Many of these were taken before Drug Free Florida – the campaign against MMJ – really got rolling.

In recent months, casino mogul Sheldon Adelson has poured $4 million into fighting Amendment 2, which would legalize MMJ for patients with serious ailments.

In many other states, a 51% support rating wouldn’t be bad news. But in Florida, amendments to the state constitution need 60% to pass.

The SurveyUSA poll was conducted between Oct. 2-6 and included responses from 750 Floridians.

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3 comments on “Florida MMJ Measure in Trouble?
  1. don on

    Mr. Adeleson has made billions of dollars pedaling addiction. Gambling and alcohol served up in his casinos are his claim to fame. We can thank the Supreme Court for the ‘Citizens United’ decision for this folly of the super rich buying elections via TV ads to smoke screen
    every and any issue.
    Mr. Adeleson, have you no shame, to take medicine from the in ill and dying. This man is a pariah to those who need to heal themselves organically and without fattening up some big pharma portfolio.

  2. Jeff Brown on

    The know on 2 folks know that Florida is a big prize. If Florida were to pull this off with 60 percent of the vote it would send a big message to the rest of the country. Big pharma, alcohol, tobacco, cotton, tree pulp paper , and other special interest will be compromised. Marijuana aka , cannabis, hemp is undoubtably the most usefull plant on the planet.

  3. Bryan Neal on

    As an interested Floridian and attorney, I have kept up with the polls on Amendment 2 since it was approved for the November ballot. The LATEST poll is actually from the University of North Florida and indicates a 67% passage.
    Also, my understanding is that the SurveyUSA poll was conducted during the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, and thereby missed a larged demographic in South Florida who will most likely vote for Amendment 2. I read that elsewhere, so dont quote me on the Yom Kippur scenario. Bottom line is there was a slight recent dip after the beginning of tv ads by NO on 2, but I am still confident that there is a wave of Floridians who are chomping at the bit to finally have a say on this issue, many of whom otherwise would have stayed home election day. For months amendment 2 polled at 70%, 80% and above, hard to believe in a couple week period, that momentum has truly dropped 20 points.

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