Luxembourg’s adult-use marijuana law ‘at least two years out,’ official says

Luxembourg authorities are working on details for the legalization of recreational marijuana, and the legislative process for the program – “inspired by the Canadian model” – could start as early as this fall, Vice Prime Minister and Health Minister Étienne Schneider revealed.

However, Schneider also said in an interview with Euronews “it will take at least two years” until legalization could actually happen.

Schneider expects the bill to be approved without major opposition.

Legalizing recreational marijuana was part of the coalition agreement of the current government, which has parliamentary majorities.

Luxembourg is home to only about 600,000 people, but the country neighbors highly populated areas of Belgium, France and Germany. Whether legalization would be considered only for residents is one of the key issues that could determine how impactful the Luxembourgian move could be.

Schneider insisted that only residents would have access to legal cannabis and the country wants to avoid marijuana tourism.

“The entire production and distribution chain” will be set up in Luxembourg, Schneider told Euronews.

Only adults would be allowed to buy recreational marijuana. Possession for young people within certain limits would be decriminalized, but they would not be able to buy from the legal market.

The policy is intended to remove users from the illicit market.

Tax revenue would be used for “prevention, awareness and care in the broad area of addiction.”

Uruguay is so far the only country outside of North America with a framework that allows the production of recreational marijuana for commercial purposes.

Luxembourg already has a functioning medical cannabis program.