Missouri posts record medical marijuana sales of $16.4 million in June

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Missouri’s medical marijuana dispensaries sold nearly $16.4 million worth of product in June, bringing the yearly total in the state to more than $70 million.

Medical marijuana sales in Missouri launched in October 2020, and 126 dispensaries are now selling cannabis across the state, according to Quincy, Illinois, TV station KHQA.

A total of 201 medical cannabis businesses, including manufacturers, laboratories and transporters, operate in Missouri.

In all, 375 facilities have medical marijuana permits.

The market could reach $225 million-$300 million in sales this year alone, according to the 2021 MJBizFactbook.

Missouri’s MMJ program has had its share of hiccups, however.

In a recent development, a federal judge in Missouri ruled in favor of a Pennsylvania investor who sued regulators over a residency requirement for MMJ business owners.