Oregon Reverses Sweet Edibles Stance in Face of Public Pressure

After receiving roughly 300 emails from outraged MMJ patients, the Oregon Health Authority reversed last week’s decision to disallow sales of most forms of sweet edibles.

The main goal of the ban had been to make edibles less compelling to minors. (However, infused pizza was not banned.) The Authority’s revised draft rules now focus on banning any food items that are brightly colored, animal-shaped or that resemble a “commercially recognizable toy or candy.” Also, edibles can’t be packaged in brightly colored containers or feature any images whatsoever aside from the logo of the dispensary. If the dispensary’s logo includes a cartoon-type image, then that must be removed as well.

Although edibles makers certainly don’t want their products to be enticing to minors, these ‘be drab or go home’ packaging rules could significantly limit branding and consumer loyalty. Consider how vineyards use artful labels to entice wine buyers to pick their brand. Still, it’s better to be able to sell something than nothing at all.