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New OR Testing Rules: Too Stringent?

January 24, 2014

Lawmakers in Oregon hope that new rules for testing marijuana will prevent mold, pesticides and mildew from being ingested or smoked by patients with weak immune systems. But marijuana growers and horticulturalists there worry that the testing standards could be too stringent. The current standards prohibit the use of some pesticides that are allowed in […]

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University Could Sell Cannabis Testing Procedures

December 3, 2013

Scientists at the University of New Haven in Connecticut are developing a new way to test marijuana for contaminants such as mold, insect parts, salmonella and E. coli. The resulting methods and procedures could eventually be marketed to the cannabis industry as a way to test purity levels. Heather Miller Coyle, an associate professor at […]

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Chevron Pressuring Landlord to Evict Washington Medical Marijuana Dispensary From Shared Building

October 9, 2013 · Updated November 11, 2013

A David vs. Goliath fight is brewing in Washington State between a startup dispensary and a major corporation that is trying to strong-arm the landlord of the building that houses both businesses. Joel Martin, co-owner of 221Rx (pictured) in Conway, Washington, said a local Chevron representative is putting pressure on the family that owns the […]

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Exclusive: Cannabis Clone Business Data & Insights from a Top CA Nursery

April 25, 2013 · Updated April 26, 2013

By Anne Holland   A top executive from Dark Heart Nursery, one of the largest medical cannabis clone nurseries in the San Francisco Bay Area, has revealed strain sales data and the results of its recent Customer Satisfaction Survey Report exclusively to MMJ Business Daily. Pricing turned out to be the LEAST important factor customers used […]

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