Suspicions raised over Arizona group’s success in medical marijuana zoning cases

The medical marijuana zoning success in Phoenix of a group of well-connected individuals has raised questions about tactics.

The Arizona Republic examined the group’s success in both opposing MMJ facilities and representing dispensaries that needed approvals to open.

The cases were brought before the volunteer-helmed Phoenix Board of Adjustment.

The board approved cases in which the group represented a dispensary. By contrast, the board rejected cases in which the group was opposed, the newspaper reported.

The group includes two former city officials, a well-known Phoenix attorney and a politically connected individual, according to the Republic.

Opponents and zoning attorneys allege questionable tactics such as fake signatures of support from residents.

But members of the group denied any impropriety and said they participated because of concern for the community.

The Republic reported that the Phoenix Board of Adjustment isn’t allowed to explain its decisions publicly.

Arizona is one of the nation’s largest and most successful medical marijuana markets.

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One comment on “Suspicions raised over Arizona group’s success in medical marijuana zoning cases
  1. Mike on

    If anyone there had any “concern for the community” the reasoning behind decisions, yes or no, would be public information. That would actually assist citizens to understand the process and to formulate better cases to present to the Board.
    The only way this exchange-of-favors system scales is through increasing corruption and political graft. Increasing scale leads to bigger and bigger money, and eventually to violence in the name of greed.

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