TruTrace Technologies, Deloitte ink cannabis tracking deal

Toronto-based TruTrace Technologies, which registers and tracks intellectual property in the marijuana industry, has formed an alliance with consulting giant Deloitte to ensure product safety and efficiency.

TruTrace will use its StrainSecure system through the collection of plant-testing data. Subsequent information will be stored in a database designed to ensure intellectual-property protection and strain validation.

All plant information will be stored throughout the supply chain, from seed to sale.

Deloitte’s role is to expedite the technology to reach key stakeholders, allowing for increased transparency in business decisions.

TruTrace trades on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the ticker symbol TTT.

More details on the partnership can be found here.

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2 comments on “TruTrace Technologies, Deloitte ink cannabis tracking deal
  1. Maxcatski on

    If I understand this article properly, it is talking about copywriting strains of cannabis.

    No one owns the plant. And there are a million strains because there are a million people growing their own strains.

    No one can own the rights to cannabis genetics. You grow your pot, and, if I find a seed, I can grow it, too. Hands off my cannabis!

    • Chef James on

      You need to look up the 1994 supreme court decision where patenting genetics became law. Not sure what rock you’ve been under but there is a patent for genetically modified corn, have you heard of this? Citra, the hop plant, can only be grown under licence. Same goes for cannabis genetics. It will be a race to patent, trademark and licence. It has already been happening for 30 years, starting in the Netherlands. Good genetics for thc and cbd will be critical for profitability, barriers to entry, and developing brands.

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