WA Marijuana Shop Licenses to Jump 66%

Washington State will boost the number of licenses for cannabis stores by 66% following a recommendation by analysts who have taken a close look at the market.

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board said in a statement that it plans to increase the number of licensed stores to 556 from 334, citing a desire to ensure access to cannabis for medical marijuana patients.

Under that same effort, the board has given scores of existing rec stores formal endorsements to sell medical marijuana.

The moves are part of the state’s attempt to fold its unregulated medical cannabis industry into its recreational MJ program.

The new licenses will be distributed according to medical marijuana sales in each county. Counties with the highest medical sales will see their retail marijuana store licenses. A few counties, however, still ban marijuana businesses.

The state will also use a three-tier “priority system,” based on license application dates and history of compliance to determine which applicants receive licenses first.

The board began accepting applications for new licenses on Oct. 12, 2015. So far, it has received 1,194 retail applications, the statement said.

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2 comments on “WA Marijuana Shop Licenses to Jump 66%
  1. Black Dog on

    Doesn’t anyone confirm the truth of any information? Increasing the number is meaningless unless they manage to actually approve stores, and do something to get rid of the moratoriums. Is a state law a law or can we opt out of sections which don’t appeal to us?

    As a Wa state producer processor the facts are that we are all chasing the sames sales in the active/open 165 retails stores. The state & moratoriums have caused a complete chaotic utter failure in approving 334 stores….let alone any additional ones. The system as is untenable as is and will implode without swift. drastic improvement.

    However several hundred prod/proc have gone out of business since this summer…..and many, many more before that…not a problem, they just keep approving more to fill our shoes. We’re hanging in there because we’re sun grown and very low budget…not $10 million dollar operation who will eventually control the market & prices.

    The system stands a chance IF about 3 times the number of stores are approved…..I don’t see piggies flying in the sky yet, but keep hoping that they sprout wings….SOON!

  2. Gentle Jim on

    One might assume that ;that is the whole idea, to drag their feet and force out the grassroots people who took the risk and struggled to legalize the plant for all of us. I have supported this struggle sense 1972 and have watched many friends and others suffer terrible personal loss of freedoms and money and future. Now I fear that big Pharma is going to Bribe the rights to grow and sell cannabis right out from under the rest of us with their DEEP pockets. Politicians…Ooh it is still to dangerous to allow Marijuanna in public commerce, Wink. We need Massive, Expensive Rules that only Deep pockets (Big Pharma) can afford.
    The right for the citizen to grow is critical to keeping Big Pharma’s foot off our necks.

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