Netherlands receives 149 applications for recreational cannabis grow trial

The Dutch government received 149 applications to grow adult-use marijuana to be sold to coffee shops in the 10 municipalities that are part of an upcoming experiment.

The applications now will be evaluated by the government, which recently communicated that “a maximum of 10 growers” are expected to be selected “in early 2021.”

Applications were accepted from July 1 to July 28.

Applicants were required to submit various documents, including a cultivation proposal detailing a candidate’s capability to grow at least 6,500 kilograms (14,330 pounds) of flower per year as well as security and business plans.

However, successful applicants won’t be obligated to grow 6,500 kilograms during the trial nor meet a production quota. Rather, supply and demand will regulate how much adult-use cannabis growers effectively produce and sell.

The mayors in the municipalities where the cannabis experiment will take place will be asked to advise on possible public order and safety implications. A negative opinion could lead to disqualification of an application.

A draw considering all qualifying applications will determine the 10 winners.