Oklahoma now enforcing medical cannabis product testing

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Oklahoma medical marijuana regulators are administering laboratory testing after a three-month grace period to ensure enough licensed labs are in place amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The mandatory testing requirements apply to all marijuana products sold by a grower or processor.

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority lists 21 licensed labs across the state for a market that the new Marijuana Business Factbook projects will reach $700 million-$860 million in sales this year.

Sales in 2019 were estimated at $345 million.

The enforcement of the testing requirement, explained in this video, comes after the state issued its first product recall in May and then extended that recall in late June.

A processor or grower is required to retain test results and related records for at least two years.

A medical marijuana dispensary customer may request to see the test records, or what is called a certificate of analysis, to ensure the quality and potency of the product being purchased matches the label.