New York Medical Marijuana Bill in Jeopardy

Efforts to legalize medical marijuana in New York via the legislature could be dead in the water.

A key lawmaker in the Senate said on Monday that he doesn’t intend to move an MMJ bill out of his committee – a necessary step for the measure to advance this session.

John DeFrancisco, chairman of the Senate’s finance committee, said there’s a lack of research on cannabis and suggested that the governor’s plan to start an extremely limited research-focused program is the ideal way to approach the issue. His comments come even though he recently said he would allow a vote on the bill if the Senate leadership allows it.

The development could represent a major blow to the MMJ movement in New York, as the chances of passage now appear slimmer.

After several failed attempts to legalize medical cannabis in the past – none of which made it to a vote in the Senate – it seemed this could finally be the year that the legislature pushed through a bill.

, New York Medical Marijuana Bill in JeopardyThe New York State Assembly passed a measure last month, and a similar bill cleared the Republican-led Senate health committee. Earlier Monday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo also said he would sign a medical marijuana bill “that makes sense” and includes strong regulations.

The Senate measure, however, needs to pass through the finance committee before receiving a full vote, which now appears doubtful.

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4 comments on “New York Medical Marijuana Bill in Jeopardy
  1. Steve on

    I believe this was a planned event by both political parties. Last week gov. Cuomo commented to take control of the Senate this election from the GOP, knowing full well that the GOP would counter by killing nearly all the Democrat Bills that are in the finance committee. Then to have the gov. sign a letter with the British Big Pharm Corp. to conduct studies on epilepsy patients without FDA approval stuck another thorn in the political GOP machine. What the NYS gov’t. is saying is sick people either die or buy it on the black market and risk arrest, or move!

  2. Tom on

    Honestly there simply appears to be no intelligent life here.. This completely blows my mind… “John DeFrancisco, chairman of the Senate’s finance committee, said there’s a lack of research on cannabis”… What rock is this guy living under…. the ignorance wears me out and perhaps that is the plan, the intention..

  3. Glenn Charles on

    Oregon has proceeded to deadlock the sales of marijuana–which is why we (the people who never voted to CRIMINALIZE it)–won’t vote to legalize it, because they just PROVED they would do the same thing. Despite increased revenues at each level, mind you. At last published count 36 counties and 90-some-odd cities in Oregon had absolutely prohibited any shops. They would prefer illegal trafficking.

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