Nugs parent reaches deal to buy part of California cannabis cultivation facility

Los Angeles-based cultivator Cannabis Strategic Ventures signed a memorandum of understanding with Devine Solutions to purchase 10% of an indoor cannabis cultivation facility in Sacramento, California.

How Curaleaf deal could shape marijuana debt financing

Curaleaf deal sets bar higher for marijuana debt financing, and investor interest in environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies.

Competition heats up among providers of marijuana point-of-sale software

More companies have entered the marijuana point-of-sale market in 2021 than in previous years, setting up the possibility of downward price pressures in the POS sector and consolidation among businesses that provide the software to retailers.

IRS has spent years training agents on marijuana audits

The IRS has been training its agents for at least eight years in the finer details of auditing marijuana companies, using PowerPoint presentations that outline everything from legal precedents to questions that should be asked during interviews with business owners.

Marijuana marketing tips in the age of federal prohibition and COVID-19 

Federal prohibition continues to shudder on-ramps for marijuana companies to use traditional means to reach consumers and strengthen brand identity.

How to steer your marijuana business through an economic downturn

The legal cannabis industry continues to mature, which means it’s confronting the accompanying growing pains. That includes facing its first recession.

16 ways to cut cannabis costs, increase profit during a recession

Recessions are a time for cost control, but they can also herald opportunity—especially if your industry proves as resilient as cannabis appears to be in the current downturn.