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Some marijuana shops looted in late May reopen after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars

More than two months after thieves broke into dozens of marijuana retailers nationwide during the George Floyd protests, a number of those businesses have reopened their doors after spending hundreds of thousands on reinforcing their stores. But some stores in California remain closed. The millions of dollars in overall losses incurred by business owners – […]

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How to steer your cannabis business through a recession

Welcome to the modern-day marijuana industry’s first recession. Will the legal industry prove resilient, as alcohol has? Perhaps. But this downturn is unlike any other. The National Bureau of Economic Research pegged the start of the recession in February, triggered by the lockdowns and massive economic fallout caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Since then, the […]

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16 ways to cut cannabis costs, increase profit during a recession

Recessions are a time for cost control, but they can also herald opportunity—especially if your industry proves as resilient as cannabis appears to be in the current downturn. Deciding where to cut costs and/or where to invest in times of economic uncertainty requires research and careful consideration as well as the discipline to rein in […]

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Recent looting targeting marijuana shops disrupts supply chain, producing fallout in some wholesale markets

Robberies and looting that targeted cannabis retailers during the recent nationwide protests over the death of George Floyd have upended the marijuana supply chain in several markets, at least for the near future. The shuttering of damaged retail stores is slowing or stopping altogether the flow of sales for producers and processors in some markets, […]

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Burglary-related losses total millions as cannabis companies pick up the pieces; insurance coverage unclear

The financial toll inflicted on the legal marijuana industry by dozens of burglaries and looting since last weekend is easily stretching into the millions of dollars, leaving some businesses unsure about the future and whether their operations can survive. According to media reports, more than 40 marijuana companies across the country have suffered an array […]

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How the coronavirus crisis is reshaping the cannabis industry for the long term

Cannabis companies are entering a new normal as the coronavirus pandemic puts stress on every sector of business, fundamentally altering the industry in possibly permanent ways. The COVID-19 outbreak has exacerbated fault lines in the rapidly evolving market and led to number of new outcomes, including: Retailers adapting to changing consumer behavior by offering delivery, curbside […]

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